The Vietnamese complaints against the French rule



The Vietnamese complaints against the French rule as itemized in their Declaration of Independence include its need to take over the Gulf of Torino (Zinn & Arnove, 2009). They were also against the unification of Vietnam. The unification was to take place through an election in the year 1954. However, before they could accomplish it, the United States interfered with the process (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
2. Johnson convinced the congress to give the president the power to wage war through the speech of patriotism. Johnson used patriotism to justify the need to train murders, which required more skills than that of making shoes or related works. Additionally, he stated that the glory that came with participating in patriotism was far greater and had better returns than any other form of business. The like-mindedness of the tactic with rival countries such as Russia, France, Germans, and Italians also played a role in the persuasion (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
3. The Watergate prompted in-depth investigations of the FBI and CIA due to the involvement of President Nixon. The president feared his defeat and ordered a secret break-in into the Democratic national headquarters. After being discovered, the president had to step down from power. Further investigations led to the finding out of illegal activities being conducted by the two national security agencies in the country and abroad (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
4. The Americans lost their confidence in their political, social and economic leaders when they failed to address civil rights issues such as racism, poverty, and violence. This led to the formation of different activist groups such as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The party had initially drafted a manifesto with a list of demand. Such demands included land, housing, education, justice, and peace. Without such facilities and amenities, the people felt betrayed by their leaders in the different sectors (Zinn, 2019).
5. After Russia had exited the cold war, America was left on the frontline alone. It showed that even though America took its time off to fight a cold war, it still emerged on top. The latter facts showed Russia to be weak, and now the United States was looking to expand into the New World Order (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
6. The tactics used by the United States in the name of diplomacy during World War II and the Gulf War are similar in their forceful and violent nature. The United States used violence and domination during the Gulf war. During World War II, they bombed Iran in the Azerbaijan Crisis and the Hiroshima bombing as an act of nuclear diplomacy (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
7. Martin Luther King opposed the Vietnam War because it was created to serve the purpose of the Founding Fathers. He stated that the Negro community had been treated as half a person for centuries, however, during the Vietnamese war, twice the number of Negros died compared to the whites (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
8. Dr. King meant that the United States of America should stop seeing the Negro as a tool to achieve its national goals, but rather treat them as individuals who have rights and freedoms. The United States of America valued its technology (computers and machines) and opportunities to make a profit more than the lives of black people (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
9. The music was used as a tool for keeping their hopes up during their various missions. The especially influential songs include the Folks songs. However, the Folk songs outlived its usefulness after the war. It was later used as a means of reminiscing on the good and bad times of the war in Vietnam (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
10. The ‘Masters of War’ according to Bob Dylan’s song are the Americans who were at the forefront of the war with diversified war equipment. America had recruited most of its citizens into the war without clearly stating the reason for the war. The title addresses all the countries involved in the war to show their might. It also shows the plight that comes with the war in a country to its people (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
11. A company of U.s infantry went to the village of Lai and massacred the hundreds of Vietnamese peasants without being fired at on even a single occasion. Larry explained the events as part of their job description, which included killing people. He also added that if you do not kill them, you offer them a chance to kill you (Zinn & Arnove, 2009). The reason provided does not justify their actions because they did not present a threat in any way since no guns or weapons were found in their households.
12. The short and long-term causes of the Stonewall riot include the discrimination of the gay community. The initial reason for the arrest included the lack of license to serve liquor. The arrest of multiracial gay members of the bar led to the creation of the riot because they felt oppressed by the police (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
13. Sylvia meant the burden of hiding the fact that she was gay. However, unburdening herself and others led to the TPF to become violent against effeminate looking boys. However, some were lucky and got saved by the crowd from being arrested and beaten (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
14. A political prisoner is victims of a negative political-economic order between two rival countries. The blacks, Chicanos, and Puerto Ricans feel like political prisoners because when the economy declines they are the first populations to suffer from respect to jobs, availability of food, inflation, and poverty. I do believe white prisoners would claim the same if they participated in the war and ended up in a rival country prison. The latter group has been the focus of oppression in the country (Zinn & Arnove, 2009). A white prisoner in the country served his nation, but at times, it failed them while in other instances, they failed to oblige by the rules.
15. In both writings, a group of indistinct people faces oppression from the government, which leads to mistrust of the government in providing help (Zinn & Arnove, 2009). The contrast involves the type of oppression that was used by the government to keep the groups from uprising for their rights.
16. I learned that the government of U.S was spending the citizens’ tax dollars to fund a war that had no heads or tails to it, but a show of might of the nation to the rival countries (Zinn & Arnove, 2009). Yeah, I do agree with Mariam Eldeman’s assertion that it amounts to theft because the money was used to shed blood instead of improving the country’s economy (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
17. The citizens can take the action of freedom of speech, and the right to protest as a tool in democracy to address inequalities. Furthermore, every citizen should participate in all functions and activities of the government.
18. Chavez claims that the farmers leave in poor conditions without adequate shelter. Their conditions are so extreme that he compares it to nearing the smell of excrement in the tomato fields. The Mexican-Americans were not treated as human beings in every industry of employment. They had no right to go and eat out at a restaurant or see a movie in the country (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
19. Chavel defines the UFW as a union that is dependent on its productivity for its members. Without being the key producer for the bread and butter required for its members it suffered the fate of failure. The goals of the UFW included ensuring its survival by inviting all Hispanics, fighting for their dignity, advocating justice and empowering its members. The UFW is a civil right organization as well as a trade union because it fights for the rights or the minority in conducting business fairly (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).
20. The music describes the condition of the minority in America who have no freedom of speech or movement. The black man is encouraged to be happy despite the conditions they are living in the U.S. The audience for the song was the minority in the population of the United States of America that had been oppressed (Zinn & Arnove, 2009).

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